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Isnin, 11 Januari 2010


Okay entiri sebelum2 nie aku terlalu excited nak gie tengok wayang kan...Cheh siap buat list nak gie tengok cerita apa laa..Alih-alih cerita yang aku nak tengok sangat tuh, tak de plak..Okay pergi midnight show..Sempat gak bertekak dengan Mr. Y sebab aku nak tengok either Old Dog yang dilakonkan oleh Dax Shepard, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Matt Dillon, Robin Williams, Seth Green (Jejaka yang paling aku suka time muda-muda dulu, sekarang pun suka jugak). Barisan pelakon semuanya gempak-gempak belaka..Hoping that the movie sure bestnya kan.. Or one more movie yang mau tonton was Did You Hear About The Morgans?. Reason nak tengok cerita nie of coz la the main actor & actrees, Hugh Grant, and Sarah Jessica Parker.Tapi, Mr. Y nak tengok cerita Paranormal Activity. Haa sebab dia memang fanatic horror/ movie. (lain kan aku ngan dia). Alih-alih terpaksa la aku ikut kehendak dia, sebab dia yang nak keluarkan duit kan..Kang tak pasal-pasal tengok lain-lain panggung plak (itu semestinya akan berlaku tak lama lagi..hahaha).Okay, masa masuk semua penonton agak excited (selain aku yang memang dah namanya penakut). Starting cerita aku tak berapa takut sangat la..but dekat pertengahan cerita. Sweater aku dah mula menutup kesemua muka aku (haa nampak kan betapa penakutnya aku.)Okay biar aku copy sedikit sinopsis about this movie. Okay fine aku ambil from wikepedia. Then aku paste kat sini.

Katie, a student, and her boyfriend Micah, a day trader, live in a two-story tract house in suburban San Diego, California. Katie claims that a ghostly presence has haunted her since her youth and believes that it has followed her to their new home. Micah buys a video camera in the hopes of capturing paranormal activity on film. During a visit to their house, Dr. Fredrichs, a self-professed psychic, assesses that they are being plagued by a demon which feeds off negative energy and is intent on haunting Katie no matter where she goes. Dr. Fredrichs also recommends the two contact Dr. Johann Avery, a demonologist, and Micah's reluctance to do so leads to arguments between the couple. Each night, Micah leaves the video camera on a tripod in their bedroom to record whatever might be occurring while he and Katie sleep. He manages to document several phenomena such as objects moving on their own, lights and televisions switching on and off, and sounds ranging from voices and growls to footsteps and loud thuds. The strange occurrences in the middle of the night soon involve Katie awakening to spend several hours standing by the bed staring at Micah while he sleeps and going outside to sit on the backyard swing, none of which she remembers the following morning.

Katie, already irritated by Micah's making light of the situation, becomes irate when Micah brings home a Ouija board, despite Dr. Fredrichs' warning against any attempt to communicate with the entity. While the two are out of the house, a wind blows through the living room and the Ouija board's planchette moves on its own. A small fire soon erupts on the board, extinguishing itself seconds later. That night, Micah sprinkles talcum powder in the hallway and later they find inhuman footprints leading to the attic. There, Micah finds a charred photograph of a young Katie previously thought to have been destroyed in a house fire. The next night, the bedroom door slams itself shut and is violently knocked and banged upon from the other side. That day, a glass picture frame breaks and the image of Micah inside becomes scratched. Dr. Avery is abroad when Micah finally agrees to invite him, so Dr. Fredrichs agrees to make a second house call. However, Dr. Fredrichs immediately has a sense of foreboding upon entering their home, and apologetically leaves despite Katie and Micah's desperate pleas for him to stay and help.

The next night, Katie is dragged out of bed and down the hallway by an invisible force. Hearing her screams, Micah gives chase and wrestles her away, and Katie emerges from the struggle with a gruesome bite mark on her back. Stressed and exhausted, the couple decide to go to a hotel. Micah later finds Katie gripping a crucifix so tightly that it bloodies her palm. Just as Micah is set to leave, a suddenly calm Katie insists they instead remain at the house. When Micah leaves her, she begins to smile as she closes her eyes. That night, Katie awakens to once again stare for several hours at Micah while he sleeps. She then goes down the stairs into the darkness and begins screaming. Micah wakes up and runs to her aid, and the camera can only see the bedroom and dark hallway as it records what sounds like a struggle upon his arrival downstairs. Micah and Katie's screams suddenly stop, and the brief silence is followed by the sound of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. Micah is suddenly hurled at the camera, knocking it over. Katie slowly walks into view, her clothing covered in blood. She crouches to sniff at Micah's body, eerily smiles at the camera, then lunges toward it with a demonic growl as the screen cuts to black. An ending title card states that Micah's body was discovered days later by the police, and Katie's whereabouts remain unknown.

Bila baca plot cerita nie, kita tak bleh nak imagine how scary was the movie. My suggestion you should watch the movie. Memang korang tak akan dapat tido dengan nyenyaknya. Dan akan terbayang akan scene-scene satu persatu yang terdapat pada cerita tuh. Bukan sebab aku nie penakut, but the truth is Mr. Y yang tak takut tak takut pun dah pun terasa ketakutan. Okay sayang, saya bukan nak kutuk but dah kenyataan kay...heheheTapi ending cerita, not quite interesting. Because kita dah boleh agak yang what will happen. Dan bila aku baca di forum. Para review menyatakan that the original scene which is the endin has been deleted. So memang mengampakan sebab ending tak gempak.Okay macam pengkritik plak sedangkan masa tonton asyik tutup muka dan sempat melatah lagi kan..hahaha. 

So how many bintang should i give.. Ermmmm biar pun exorcist aku tak takut but this story memang bikin aku panic and terkejut i will give 4.5 bintang.. 0.5 lagi sebab ending macam aku cakapkan tadi la.. Tak berapa gempak.Again aku mahu mengalu-alukan anda (yang ada penyakit jantung, mengandung, darah tinggi better don't go.) pergila tonton ini cerita. Anda mungkin akan diselubungi dengan penuh misteri...wahahahahha(gelak macam witch).

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